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Today I had the privilege of discussing my long term care needs with Kim Beckham and she was courteous, knowledgeable, and gave me lots of information about my LTC concerns. She is on vacation, but she still took the time to call me and discuss.  Wow! she goes the extra mile to serve people’s needs.


I found Kim through a Google search and cold emailed her, something I've never done for anything like this before. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Kim is extremely knowledgeable and is so easy to talk to about this difficult topic. She explained everything so it was very easy to understand and she was so patient with all of my questions. Kim made what I thought was going to be an unpleasant experience and complicated process less intimidating and easy to complete. Kim gave me peace of mind and that means so much to a "belts & suspenders" girl! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about long term care insurance. She is amazing!

John Williams

Kim is a special and empathetic person who happens to be an exceptional Insurance advisor. She gave us well thought out proposals and explained all of our questions. Thanks, Kim, for your help and great sense of a life well lived. John and Leeanne

Thank you for your trust, John and Leeanne.  I certainly value your confidence in my doing the right thing for people who reachout to me to help them determine their long term care options.

Marcia Stevens

It is increasingly rare these days to encounter a person who goes well beyond what is required and makes every effort to help. Kim Beckham is one of those rare individuals. I contacted Kim for information about a new LTC policy offered by my employer. She explained the details well and sent follow up information, but she did much more. She took the time to ask about my current insurance, she reviewed the coverage, and she helped me view the new LTC policy in context with my current insurance. She made the difficult subject of insurance much easier to understand, and I am very grateful.

Gerald & Phyllis Lee

Many years ago we met Kim Beckham. At the time, we did not realize what a blessing this would turn out to be. Kim was just a very nice saleslady selling Long Term Care Insurance. We were in our middle years at the time, but even then we could not imagine the need we would have as we grew old. I am 85 and Gerald is 87. Due to unexpected care needs about 5 years ago, we did need this protection. Due to many options in purchasing insurance, Kim guided us in the perfect direction. Over the years since we met Kim, she has become a dear friend to our family. I know that even today I could call her for advice, & Kim will never know how very grateful we are for her honesty & caring attitude. She is a great saleslady, but even better, a cherished friend. Regards, Phyllis Lee

Linda from Central Texas

We're going through this with my husband's mother now. She was able to stay home with10 years of home care, and we've now put her in a nursing home with great caregivers that sincerely care about her. Through her I'm learning how worried people get when they're at their most vulnerable part of life. She asks us constantly if she'll ever run out of money. Can you imagine having to worry about that when you're unable to do anything about it? We are so thankful she has LTC insurance that's paying the bulk of the cost. Keep up the good fight Kim. People need you to help them realize the importance of planning to take care of themselves and their families when they're helpless, at any age.


Kim did an excellent job of educating me about the importance of having LTC insurance. During our webinar she gave me the facts and figures in a caring, personalized way.

Debra Black - Nurse/case Manager

I found that Kim is a very approachable and knowledgeable agent. She met with me at my convenience. On my arrival she was prepared and ready. She listens and responds appropriately to concerns and questions. When I walked away for our meeting, I felt that I had spent a "visit with a friend." Thank you, Kim.  

Debbie, as a nurse, you know too well how the need for long term care can happen suddenly.  Your experience made you ask all the important questions, so meeting with you was easy and fun for me, too. 


Kim, you did an awesome job helping us go through the process of applying for LTC insurance. Thank you so much. Wish I had known that you sold LTC insurance 10 years ago. 

It has been fun becoming reacquainted after all these years, and I consider it a privilege to help you and your husband.

Luis Cordero

I just bought my LTC with Mrs. Beckham. She is a very knowledgeable, honest, sweet, and easy to talk to Insurance Representative. She worked efficiently to find the right kind of LTC insurance fit for my situation and budget. Thank you, Mrs. Beckham, for making the process simple and easy to understand.

It is an honor to help you, Mr. Cordero.  I appreciate your trust.

Mrs. D

Kim, the day Mr. D and I got our Long Term Insurance ...was like 1000 lbs lifted off of my shoulders.... Really one of the best things we have done in a long time. Thanks for what u do...  J.D.

Thank you, Mrs. D.  I know your family has been through a lot with caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease.  I hope you and Mr. D. never need your LTC insurance, but I am glad that having it relieves your mind so much!  Kim

Class of 1975

Kim, I can't believe you answered my email on the 4th of July! I have passed the info along to my sister, who will call you after the holiday. I am certainly glad my husband and I have our long term care insurance. My father is just hemorrhaging his funds to pay for our mother's care.

I consider my work a mission, and mission work has no holidays!  Thank you for your trust.  I appreciate the referral to your sister, so that she can protect her own family from what you are going through with your parents. Kim

Connie Johnson

I bought my long term care insurance when I was 59 years old. That made the premiums low and gave me the assurance that I would not ever need to "qualify" for a policy should I encounter health problems in the future. I have known Kim almost all of her life and I know her to be a very caring person. Her experiences in the long term care insurance business are a great help to her clients. Kim becomes a friend to those she insures and her interest in them continues.

Thank you, Connie.  Your recommendation means the world to me.

Jaci Walsh

Thanks, Kim, for all your guidance re: LTC insurance, and also your unconditional friendship. Wish we lived closer to each other:)

It was my great pleasure to have helped you when I could, my friend.


KN in Houston

Kim, Thank you so much for helping me with my long term care planning. I did not realize how important this was to protect our assets and help our children with dealing with us when we get to that point (when we are over 100 years old, I hope). You explained everything so well and we always knew that you had our best interests in mind. I don't know why we put this off when it has given my husband and I so much peace of mind. You were such a blessing! I have already given your name to three people in my bunko club. Kristine

Kristine, I hope you and your husband don't need any care at all, but at least not until you are 100!  It was a privilege to help you, and I thank you for the referrals to your friends.  That is the biggest compliment you could give me.  Best wishes, Kim


Kim, Thank you again for helping me plan for my long term care needs. I hope I never need someone to help me but knowing that 70% of us will need some care (100% in my own family) now I have the peace of mind knowing that I have final gotten off the fence and have a very affordable plan in place. Wow! Thanks again. It sure feels good. Steve

Steve W.  since your family has "batted 1000" at needing long term care, I hope you yourself "strike out." But at least you have prepared yourself with a "game plan."



Kim, I am so grateful to you for what you do every day. The education you provide is extremely valuable, I wish my parents had only known about their options. My father, J.W. needed care in his 60’s after an accident, again in his early eighties after falling and breaking his hip, and then for his final 4 years of life. My mom, P. W. is now going in to her 5th year of needing care due to Alzheimer’s. Thank you again for helping me understand my options and helping me make a plan to protect my assets and not be a burden to my family when the time comes for me.

Your story is sadly too common, but at least your mother was able to plan for her LTC after seeing what your father went through.  Thank you for your kind words.


San Antonio, TX

Thanks for all of your help, Kim. I was really feeling overwhelmed with this information, but you made it so understandable.  I wish I had found you earlier, it would have saved me a ton of time!

My pleasure!  I am glad that I could be of service to you.


Thanks to Kim's guidance with my Long Term Care, I feel very comfortable in taking steps in owning my own future, plus the future of my children

Health Professional from Victoria County, Texas

Everyone should really think about LTC insurance. I recently purchased a policy. I'm 53 yr old female. Right after getting it my parents found themselves in a health care crisis and have used almost all their savings on the care giving aspects and they're only in their 70's. I have had 2 different nursing home administrators tell me that getting LTC insurance was one of best decisions I could have made for my future. Kim can give you a lot of helpful info. At least talk to her about it.

Baby Boomer in South Texas

At the "young" age of 50, I purchased a LTC policy because I saw the benefit and had heard many elderly people and their families wish they had had that option when deciding about non-medical care. At the time I purchased my LTC, the national average for caregiver services per hour was $25. I hadn't won a lottery nor had a wealthy relative leave money to me so....
My reasons were pretty simple. I wanted to be taken care of on my own terms as much as possible and as long as possible without breaking the bank. I did not want to burden my children and their families with any expenses for my care when needed.
I am so glad I made that purchase then. As it worked out, less than 8 years later, I am no longer health eligible to purchase a policy.  It is a small sacrifice to pay now, but I know it will be worth the peace of mind later.

Home Health Care Professional

Unfortunately I have seen too many people whose lives have been negatively affected by progressive illness, aging, or tragedy when LTC insurance has not been in place. I preferred to lighten the burden on my children and grandchildren by taking responsibility now. Kim is very knowlegeable and a great resource.

Rebecca Boaz Salina Kansas

LTC has been so very important to our family. My mother and father purchased it when they didn't think would ever need it - they were the picture of health in their 70's. Actually my Dad didn't start having health issues until his late 80's and then it hit him like a rock. With LTC we were able to keep my Dad in the home with my Mom - having nursing care, etc. then facilities in the latter years. I saw first hand how important it is to have LTC as the expense of hospitalization, rehab for any falls, nursing home care, medications is unbelievable. The earlier LTC is purchased the better !

Cynthia A. Jennison

Kim, thanks for your help in going through the steps, your care in explaining the policy choices and implications, and your advice on long term care needs. You made it easy to understand and negotiate. Thanks!

Dianne from Corpus Christi, Texas

Kim is a terrific agent who told me years ago... "You're not getting any younger, Dianne, and it won't get any cheaper!" ? After seeing my mother's assets depleted paying for her Alzheimer's care, I realized it was the smartest thing I've ever done!

Rev. Millie Mitchmore

Thank you for your ministry to my family over the years. You are a blessing to many. I do think that what you have done and are doing is a ministry. Not just because you help people plan for an important part of their lives and their family's, but because you do so with such caring and grace, and that is ministry.


With family members we've seen the benefits of having LTC insurance. Kim made buying our policy easy and even after ten years she continues to care that all our questions and concers are addressed. We value her friendship.

Jan from Arizona

I have known Kim for more than ten years and have had excellent service with her. Kim goes above and beyond in my requests in providing good service and information to me as well as providing information to give to my my friends considering long term insurance. My Financial Advisor's contact for reviewing my Long Term Care policy stated my policy was the best he had every seen.

The Future is Now

It's a cliche that you are never really ready for life's big curve ball's but you can set yourself up to handle them. When I heard the doctors pronounce my wife's diagnosis of Alzheimer's it was like someone punched me in the solar plexus. That outcome was not on the list of possibilities. At age 53 she was too young. But had to gather everything up and deal with it. The principle concern was her care. My strategy for that included the question "What happens if disaster strikes the same household twice?". What course do we follow if something unspeakable happened to me that rendered me unable to work? LTC insurance was the answer and Kim Beckham was the solution. Working with her gave me the highest confidence possible and allowed me to focus directly upon my wife's appropriate care. Thanks for everything Kim. I will highly recommend you anytime, anywhere, to anybody. She helped me a great deal and I know she will do the same for you. Call her today!!!!!

Sylvia Balentine

Kim is impressively knowledgeable about the field of Long Term Care (LTC)Insurance. She educated me and helped me to find the type of policy that would meet my needs. Having dealt with several other LTC agents, I can tell you how exceptional Kim is in both her expertise and in her willingness to go the many extra miles to provide the very best for her clients. If you are considering Long-Term Care insurance you could not do better than to purchase your insurance through Kim Beckham. Her level of service is beyond compare.
Many years ago we met Kim Beckham. At the time, we did not realize what a blessing this would turn out to be. Kim was just a very nice saleslady selling Long Term Care Insurance. We were in our… Read More

Gerald & Phyllis Lee

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